Design a branding campaign for a fictitious Italian restaurant with a loose upscale style and a sense of modernity connected to rich Italian history. 


To develop an upscale appearance, I designed a beautiful script font. With usability in mind, I crafted 2 designs, the first of which allows for a classy vibe with a script front combined with a modern and narrow sans serif font. The second was designed to be more relaxed with the use of an underline in place of subtext for use when applicable. 

Business card mockup

Menu mockup

To Go Menu mockup

Next I crafted a menu boasting a clear visual hierarchy that is easy to scan and visually appealing with a great contrast through utilizing space and color as design elements. Business cards with a strong information hierarchy match the menu to maintain the branding scheme. The flat color pallet gives a vintage feeling reminiscent of Italian heritage.

Stationery mockup