As a member of an online Mustang forum I noticed a fellow member, Peter, in need of a watermark for his photos. Mostly shooting nature and wildlife while branching into the automotive sector, he wanted a watermark that would brand him as a professional and be well suited for both categories of photography and also as a logo to be used on business cards. After various discussions and revisions, he decided upon the design below.

Peter G Nyren Logo

Being a designer and a photographer I can relate to my clients that have a difficult time branding for more than one aspect of their career and interests. As a designer I like so many different design styles and queues that it makes things difficult to find a balance between what I like and how I want to portray myself to clients and in general, to the world.

I have found that there is rarely a design that will satisfy every aspect a person desires to cover. It's best to make a list of all the things you want your brand to embody and focus on the main ones you wish to achieve. This helps the designer and also ensures the best results for your brands identity.

- Zachary Pounds