Location Test - Cody

I've recently been looking for new locations for private shoots and stumbled upon this one a few weeks ago. I had a friend visiting from North Carolina so I decided to use his car as a test subject. His Mustang provides as a great test subject due to the dark blue color (Deep Impact Blue for those interested). Seeing what objects show in the paint, (trees, light, and other surroundings) is key for future shoots and also for finding what part(s) of the location work for certain shots as well as how the lighting is. 

Spoiler Details

The trees provide great background for detail photos with prime lenses and produce a great Bokeh effect. The long road also allows for fantastic full body photos due to Bokeh. This location is fairly versatile with a clear view of the sky for sunset photos, although I did not capture one. I'm thoroughly looking forward to future photoshoots at this new location this summer and fall.

- Zachary Pounds