Create a branding scheme for a fictitious draft beer brewery including logo and stationery. These need to focus on the hand crafted quality that is put into every beer while maintaining a modern aesthetic rooted in the past.


In order to craft a brand with a rustic modern aesthetic, I used a rounded and narrow sans serif font combined with a decorative serif font. Combining these fonts also provides contrast for visual interest. A distressed texture that resembles burlap fabric from bags of grain create a fantastic texture while also giving a rustic vibe.

Business card mockup

Invoice mockup

For the "I" in "Grain" I used the silhouette of a stock of wheat to bring an ingredient of beer into the design and also to reinforce the company's name. Letterhead, invoice, and business cards with a texture emphasize the hand crafted quality of the brand.

Stationery mockup

Liquid Gold beer mockup

Beer mockup

Bus stop poster ad